Need A Service?

So your bike’s in need of TLC; your brakes are squeaky, your wheels are wonky, your chain has snapped and your gears are jumping, the kids are crying over their rusty bikes. Even your bell has run out of ting. Well you’ve come to the right place.

The Broke Spoke Bloke

I’m Phil. For me life on two wheels is where it’s at. I love to repair bikes. I will repair, service, build or add new parts to any bike. Then I’ll go out for a ride on one of mine. Oh, or drink coffee. Ting ting.

What I Do

Arrange to drop your bike to me at my workshop. I service, repair and build bikes. I have a dedicated workshop just outside Southampton to take on all bike servicing requirements or for quick fixes will do it at your home / workplace. Any questions? Just ring me.

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